Wednesday, 17 January 2018

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The Ministry of Health is urging the public to conduct at least weekly cleaning of their home surroundings to get rid of mosquito breeding sites. With an outbreak of more than 300 Dengue Fever cases reported in the Northern division, the Minister for Health Rosy Akbar says medical teams have been deployed to advise residents on a clean-up campaign. “We appeal to all families not only those in Labasa but those in the Central and Eastern division, please let’s be pro-active and not reactive, and let’s take measures to destroy all mosquito breeding places. Let’s encourage our neighbours to do that, I’ve said this, a mosquito doesn’t know boundaries, we may keep out compound clean, but the neighbour’s compound may not be clean so let it be a community effort.” Meanwhile, Akbar also launched the annual health and fitness program with Courts and Sports World that’s expected to ramp up more awareness on Non-Communicable Diseases. With a multi-media campaign to be rolled out, the Ministry of Health will also be carrying out free medical screenings at various Courts and Sports World branches.

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