Sunday, 17 December 2017

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Fiji has received a huge support from the European Union, the UK and other countries in regards to our sugar exports. Prime Minister’s Office Permanent Secretary Sugar Yogesh Karan says the recent International Sugar Organization’s 52nd council meeting in London revealed there are many buyers who are interested to purchase Fiji’s sugar. Karan says the meeting also enabled them to look into new markets however one of the greatest emphasis is placed on the marketing of Fiji’s sugar. “It will be competing in the world market so it has to be the quality of sugar. Our sugar quality is very good, our molasses quality is also very good so I don’t see much issue with that and the most important thing is that we don’t have a large volume of sugar compared to countries in India, Brazil and Africa that produces surplus. And our outreach at this part of the World I’m sure we can fill that gap.” Karan adds they look forward to 2018 as they expect the industry to be productive next season. He adds the favorable weather condition is also expected to contribute to good cane production.

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