Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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Fifteen women from the Tikina Vaturova of Cakaudrove will be leaving Fiji today for employment opportunities in New Zealand under the Recognized Seasonal Employer Work Scheme. The women will be employed with Turners & Growers NZ Limited, for a duration of four months, engaged in Strawberry and Blueberry picking. Of the fifteen, nine are returning workers and six are selected for the first time by the employer through the National Employment Centre (NEC) to participate under the scheme. Ministry of Employment, Deputy Secretary, Vilimone Baledrokadroka urged the group to work together as a team. Baledrokadroka also reminded the ladies that they were ambassadors of Fiji and to upload the values of Fiji. Returning and youngest employee, nineteen-year-old, Lanieta Lakolevu, said her first deployment for the period of seven months with the same employer was a worthwhile opportunity for her and her siblings.

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